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This is a blog for adult sufferers of atopic dermatitis, a chronic form of eczema. It’s for all of you who have worked hard all their lives to control their condition, and to share the experimental findings of the scientific community and subjective findings by our readers. Here are some principles:

1. I endorse nothing, I endorse everything.
I will not shill products, because everyone’s skin is different, and mileage may vary. I will present my own findings in a semi-scientific fashion, and if you notice a similar pattern with your skin, maybe it will help you with your own skin regime.

2. No skin photos.
Ever notice the proliferation of before and after pictures of how a certain product or solution will instantly cure your condition? They evoke a visceral response. But I find them stressful. Looking at someone’s bad skin will almost always make me itchy.   Gross skin can be gross.. even for those with gross skin.  We don’t want that here.

3. Your results will vary.
More than just a commercial phrase, it’s probably the most true for our community.  My eczema has so many factors, that some remedies work better in certain sequences, seasons or situations, and fail in others.

4. I am not a doctor.
Legal disclaimer: This is not medical advice nor should it be followed as such. These are reviews of various products for the benefit of the larger AD community. If you try any of these things for yourself, it is at you own risk, and I am not liable for the results.   (I will be happy if you find something that works for you.)

5. Thinking positive.
I’ll moderate my tone and word choice to avoid any stress response. I’ll keep it light, friendly and positive, and please follow that rule in the comments. Stress is no good for this community — keep it mellow.

6. Let’s find a cure!

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